Jordan Heavy Haul is a heavy haul transportation company with a fleet of tractors and specialized trailers capable of hauling up to 400,000 lbs.  Our goal is to provide a smooth, continuous transport with our specialized personnel and equipment.  We will obtain all permits, route approvals, escorts and etc. so that you will not have to.   With proper planning, we will deliver your shipment not only safely, but cost effectively and on time.

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Featured Testimonials

Y’all are the best! Kayla, Shipping & Receiving Manager

Jordan Carriers dedicated customer base is what I like best.  We know that we will be loaded and moving even in winter months when other trucking companies are sitting still.

Roger Rich Roger Rich

I came to Jordan in hopes of finding my final job in this industry. I was amazed and pleased with what I found. They believe in family and have become part of…

driver_wes Wes Fitch

Jordan Carriers is a great company to work for.  They give a performance bonus just because I do what I am supposed to. I pick up and deliver on time and always…

Byron McCullum Byron McCullum